Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fixing the Droid 3 reboot

Just a followup to the previous post asking for a contact at Moto, and to keep the info out there for anyone with a Droid 3 suffering frequent reboots.

If your new Droid 3 reboots constantly when you're on the edge of cell coverage areas, when turning it on or off, placing it in your pocket, or when using wifi, this seems to be the solution.

The bug appears to be directly tied to the restoration of saved wifi configurations from your google profile.

Go into the wifi configuration screen, go to "manage networks", and remove ALL networks from the list.

You can re-add networks, but you must do it from the droid3 wifi config.  The problem doesn't seem to be the networks, it seems to be the way they're restored.

As from the previous post, the google bug for this is at:

which includes stack traces for anyone at Moto who is able to debug the root cause of this and initiate a fix.  It would probably be a reasonable thing to star the bug to raise it's priority, although it seems to be a motorola bug, not a google android one.


  1. Thank you! This is the only place I found this information!

  2. What does this phrase mean: "do it from the droid3 wifi config"?

  3. Wow, Thanks! Thought I had to do a hard reset... thanks!