Monday, January 9, 2012

Drone wackiness

Drones are currently slightly broken - the only consolation is that it seems like they've been broken for quite a while now too.

Drones are supposed to tunnel virtual interfaces to kismet_server which correspond to interfaces on the drone.  It looks like this hasn't been happening for some time, and in trying to fix it, I see that there is a LOT of wacky badness happening between drones, channel lists, etc.

Rather than fix this, it's currently shortcut with a "Not making a source" alert and packets appear from the drone source, not the original remote source.  This is because at some point in the near future all the phy-neutral stuff is going to require a complete rewrite of how channel lists are processed.  Rather than dig through ancient code and try to cobble together a fix right now, it's going to have to wait until the channel code is rewritten.

This will also likely change the drone protocol - old drones will likely still be able to report, but are unlikely to be able to control channels under the new model, because the channel will have to be processed as a more complex entity than simply an integer (think "6HT40+" instead of "6" for an example of the problem, and that's just in 802.11 land).

So, hold tight.  For now, drones aren't any more broken than they used to be, and soon they'll be much better.

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