Friday, May 4, 2012

KisBee status

Latest status on the KisBee zigbee sniffer project:

* Version 2 of the boards is done, and looks like it will be the final rev:

It uses the Microchip MRF24J40 integrated radio board, which puts all the RF on the radio module and doesn't require a quad-layer PCB.  This makes assembly a lot simpler.

* Prototype build of V2 boards done and tested, except for battery charger circuit:

It will work with either a case/chassis-mount antenna jack, or a PCB edge connected SMA adapter and a RF jumper cable.

* Firmware is based on the microbuilder lpc1343 library and is largely done; radio packet reception works, bluetooth link works, usb link works.

* Battery pack will be Li/Poly and should provide a reasonable run time; the majority of the power will be drawn by the zigbee and bluetooth radios.

Assuming all goes well, hopefully the firmware will be finished soon, emulating a zigbee-serialdev, then the fun of getting proper zigbee decoders in Kismet starts, the current zigbee code isn't written for phy-neutral and isn't very good right now.

As long as the battery charger circuit works out (waiting on some connectors) then the board is ready for larger-scale fab and hopefully I can think about offering kits soon for those who are interested.

More info at:

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