Friday, December 7, 2012

Android, G+

Two new Android projects finally released:

Android PCAP Capture, which uses a userspace RTL8187 driver to do rfmon without requiring a custom rom or root.  Makes standard pcap files!

Of course once you have packets, how do you do anything useful with them on Android?  Answer:  Upload them to and get Wireshark in your browser.  CloudShark Uploader acts as a "Send file..." shim in Android, so any file manager (or Android PCAP Capture, natch) can send directly to the public CloudShark site or to a private CloudShark appliance.

Finally, made a G+ community to discuss wireless hacking and related.  Can't seem to link to the community directly, so here's a public post advertising it w/ a way to join:

G+ Wireless Hacking Community

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