Kismet Packages

You can get packages for the latest Kismet code for many distributions from the Kismet package repositories.

Kismet 2019-01-BETA2

Download the Kismet 2019 Beta 2 source release here

If you’re interested in the absolute latest Kismet code, you might want to get the git code, below.

The new Kismet 2019 beta 2 version is here. Since Beta 1:

  • Historical packet-on-demand API
  • RTL-AMR power and water meter monitoring via SDR
  • RTL-ADSB airplane beacon monitoring via SDR
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse detection via nRF Mousejack
  • Integrated manufacturer database
  • Improved CPU utilization when sorting large device lists
  • Reduced memory use
  • Cisco MFP tag parsing
  • Views API
  • Significant stability improvements

Among many improvements since the legacy code:

  • All new web-based UI
  • HTTP/HTTPS scriptable JSON interface for controlling Kismet and fetching data
  • Revamped plugin support for web-based UI plugins
  • Unified ‘kismetdb’ log file which can store device records, alerts, messages, and packets in a single file
  • Live streaming of realtime captures over HTTP
  • All new super-light remote capture code
  • External tools APIs to integrate additional tools like rtl433
  • Support for non Wi-Fi protocols like Bluetooth, RTL433 SDR-based sensor detection, and more
  • Multithreaded packet decoding for higher workloads
  • Massive (50+) multi-radio support

Please remember this is a beta and while fully functional, not every feature is complete, and there may be some bumps along the way to the final release.

Kismet git

Kismet code under development is in the master branch of the git repository. The development of new features happens here. While the development code may be unstable, generally it is quite usable. To get the latest code prior to another beta release, grab the git master branch:

$ git clone --recursive

or to checkout from the Github mirror:

$ git clone --recursive

You can browse the development code and documentation via Github here

Kismet documentation

The Kismet documentation (in markdown/kramdown format used to generate the documentation for the website) is available as part of its own repository. This repository is linked as a sub-module in the Kismet git tree, or is available stand-alone at:

$ git clone

or the Github mirror:

$ git clone

Kismet Python modules

Kismet has several Python modules which help when scripting against the Kismet server or Kismet data; these modules are being spun into their own repositories for easier inclusion in PyPy and similar.

kismetdb database module

A utility Python module for processing the Kismetdb log file format and extracting devices, packets, messages, and the other data stored therein.

$ git clone

or the Github mirror:

$ git clone

Kismet legacy version

The Kismet legacy code was last released as a stable version in 2016; this code base is aging, but my in some cases be more suitable. This version is being phased out, and does not include the web UI, JSON output, unified database logging, or any of the other new features of the latest beta and development code.

You can download the legacy Kismet-2016-07-R1 release here

Smarter Wi-Fi Manager

The Smarter Wi-Fi Manager git repository can be cloned via:

$ git clone


Spectools development code can be found in the spectools git at:

$ git clone

or you can download the Spectools-2016-01-R1 code release here

Android PCAP

The Android PCAP git is available:

$ git clone