Spectrum tools

Spectools is a set of utilities for using various spectrum analyzer hardware. It supports the suite of of Wi-Spy devices by Metageek (the original Wi-Spy, Wi-Spy 24x, Wi-Spy 24x v2, Wi-Spy DBX, Wi-Spy DBX v2, Wi-Spy 900, and Wi-Spy 24i), as well as the Ubertooth-One by Great Scott Gadgets.

More information on Spectools is at the project page

Android PCAP

Android PCAP allows a stock, un-rooted Android device to capture from a RTL8187 (a basic 802.11b Wi-Fi card popularized by Alfa) by implementing the Wi-Fi driver in userspace using the Android USB API.

More information is at the Android PCAP projects page


LORCON (or Loss Of Radio CONtrol) is a common packet crafting and injection framework for Wi-Fi; it is similar to frameworks like Racket and Scapy, but lighter-weight.

The LORCON library is at the Github mirror

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